Q&A With Kalen Mazenc – Owner of Infinite Water Solutions

Kalen owns and operates a water purification company called Inifinite Water Solutions. He services clients all over Saskatchewan and has grown his business and reach over the past 3 years. He is a tenured client of ClientFlo and together we have executed digital marketing strategies to continually grow his business.


We love meeting and chatting with our clients, not just to discuss digital marketing but to get some insight on how the rest of their business is operating.

Below is a quick Q & A between Christian Geronimo from ClientFlo and Kalen Mazenc from Infinite Water Solutions on running the business, growth (and pains), and future goals for Infinite Water Solutions.

Christian: Briefly describe your business & how you got into it?

Kalen: Our business is water care business, we service families and businesses in the province of Saskatchewan. We manufacture, sell, and service water systems custom for the needs of any residence or business. We provide service and warranties that are far superior from competitors in quality of service and length of warranty.

Christian: What would you say the competition is like in your local area?

Kalen: Our main competitor is Culligan, they are a big brand and they’ve been around for a long time. They have less of a warranty and not the same service. There is also water clinic, who offer the same product but no service.

We are the only company in Saskatchewan that has a lifetime warranty. A lot of people who have farms buy a water system and need to replace it later. Where as with us we service the machines and it’s cheaper for the client as it’s a one time buy with a service call.

Christian: What are the greatest challenges you face in your business?

Kalen: Biggest challenge is that not enough people know about us. We started with referral business and we’re still getting leads through building out network.
The problem is a lot of people don’t know about water system businesses. Some people don’t realize how much it costs to have a water system vs not having one.

Christian: What have you done to grow Infinite Water Solutions (Other than using ClientFlo)

Kalen: We tried a little bit of direct mail, but did not get response. We tried phone calls and cold calling but that wasn’t generating a good return. Other than we relied on referrals and getting names of people at the sale and getting referrals form their friends/family.

We tried radio, but it was very expensive and very low return. For one radio campaign we spent over $3,000 but got no return.

We Took a couple of full page ads in the newspaper – $1,000 for full page ads but did not get a single call from them.

Before we were trying to get in front of people, showing them a need. With ClientFlo/Adwords when someone searches online and finds us they already address a need, which makes it easier for us to get the sale because we know it’s a sure sale.

The Major difference is now we can be infront of only the people that need our service throughout the entire province, without having to market in every city newspaper, radio, etc… which would be a lot more expensive. It also allows us to maintain/grow our business by keeping good sales reps because leads are coming in.

Christian: What do you expect from an online marketing company?

Kalen: I did my own study, of online marketing and Adwords before. Previously I went through clickbank and find ebooks and then created campaigns for other companies. So I was experienced in AdWords. When it came to my business I didn’t have the time to sit down and tweak the campaign as I wanted to. I also realized how fast digital marketing changes and your skills can be outdated very quick.

I tried Google Express ,we spent $8000 one month, with lots of calls but not good qualified leads. Because I have previous experience before doing adwords for myself, I didn’t realize how much more of a return I would get outsourcing it to professionals.

Christian: Has ClientFlo lived up to your expectations?

Kalen: You guys have surpassed the expectations, I wants to spend more with you guys. ClientFlo is giving me all the leads we need. With a sufficient click through rate, and good qualified leads, and we are way under budget because I want to spend more! I enjoy the results and it’s a great return on investment

Christian: In terms of growth and your business in general….what is next?

Kalen: We are already looking for spaces in Regina…. We put in an offer for one space, unfortunately, it did not go through. We’re looking to expand to 2 more locations in Prince Albert & Regina in the next 3 to 6 months so our business can eventually double real soon.

Christian: Why Would you recommend ClientFlo?

Kalen: I don’t want people to know about ClientFlo if it takes away from my business! But in reality, every type of business should work with ClientFlo. I haven’t done my full calculations of ROI but it’s at least 10X on what I was doing before. I was loosing money before using Google AdWords Express. For what you guys charge and for what I get, for getting a landing page, content, the Adwords management to create a perfect campaign, with trial and error plus the expertise of someone to go in and manage it that’s nothing…. Its worth it.

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