5 Ways To Target A Facebook Audience To Boost Sales Today

There are thousands of ad targeting parameters and dozens of different ad formats we can use to target audiences on Facebook. But it requires a targeted Facebook marketing strategy to reach motivated and very specific segments. Targeted ads not only improve conversion rates but also allow us to discover audiences that are most likely to become Facebook fans. Although Facebook advertising is extensive and complicated, it can also prove to be cost-effective and efficient. Facebook’s targeting options are so extensive that we can even target a group of 10-20 people. Here are some powerful tips that can help effectively target profiles on Facebook.

1. Targeting Life-events

Life-event based targeting allows us to target people experiencing different life events. Nothing comes close to Facebook when it’s about targeting people based on their major life events as it covers almost every conceivable life event because people normally post these events in their timelines. Life-event targeting is unique in a sense that it allows targeting audience at specific intervals of time. For example, jewelry businesses would be interested in people who are about to get engaged, married or celebrating their anniversary. Similarly, a funeral home would target people who are terminally ill, planning a funeral or lost their loved one.

2. Tapping into Recent Buying Behavior

Facebook gives advertisers the power to reach audiences beyond their CRM databases, allowing them to target highly specific segments through different buying behaviors. FB also shows the number of profiles we can target in each purchasing behavior subcategory like food and drink, health and beauty, clothing and more. We can further drill down into behavior types within each general category. The options here are virtually limitless and bound only by our imagination. You can use Delighted’s CES surveys to ensure customers don’t fall through the cracks in your user experience, visit https://delighted.com/what-is-customer-effort-score for more details. And if you need Name Matching solution for your business organization, then you may consider using a Name Matching technology to handle cross-lingual name matching gracefully where users can search names in multiple languages and scripts even if they know only the name in, say, English.

3. Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature allows connecting with existing contacts and also works well the other way around. Campaign efficiency can be increased by excluding existing customers from a campaign e.g. if a company is offering a free trial of the software, there is no point on wasting clicks by showing ads to existing and loyal customers. Custom Audiences can be created using some available tools, including uploading email, phone number and Facebook id list of customers or based on site visitors and app activity. After a list is uploaded, we can then specifically target or exclude the whole list or even target or exclude subsets of the uploaded list. Other targeting parameters can also be applied to the custom audience, which makes it a particularly powerful tool to target the right audience.

Custom Audiences is also very useful and powerful when you want to target your existing customers. For example, you can target customers who earn a particular salary, work in a particular industry, live in a particular area and have specific buying preferences. This allows serving more targeted and personalized ads.

4. Layered Targeting

Layered targeting allows advertisers to target extremely specific profiles using combinations of factors such as age, location, income and much more. This strategy works best if you want to target a limited and very specific group of people or even a couple of people. Using layered targeting, your ads can be tailored to address specific needs of specific people. Most commonly used variables include demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Demographics covers factors including employment status, education level, the field of study, ethnic affinity, income level, household and lifestyle status and more. The interests section includes preferred technology, food and drink, entertainment, hobbies and activities, fashion and shopping, sports and outdoors, family and relationships and business and industry. Behaviors-based targeting allows reaching people based on their intents and purchase behaviors.

5. Lookalike audiences

Lookalike Audiences is a great way to target potential customers even if you don’t have an email or phone list, by mirroring the Facebook fan base. This allows expanding beyond reach, while still targeting very specific profiles by creating audiences that mimic your audience. You can expand or contract your target audience once you have selected the type of audience to replicate. Lookalike Audiences feature works even better if you already have an email and phone list and helps expand and mirror existing base. Facebook makes it very easy to find the top 1% of users with similar preferences using this feature.

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The first step in any advertising campaign involves understanding your target audience and knowing their exact needs. Creating personas for ideal customers and answering questions like who they are, what they do, what their expectations are, where they live, what language they speak, what are their interests and hobbies and so on helps you identify specific profiles and target them more effectively. Although many advertisers think Facebook is not a good place to advertise, if done properly using a ton of targeting combinations and options, it can prove to be very effective in increasing sales, despite concerns related to computer misconduct.

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However, it takes time and effort to research and try different methods to find out which one works best for your business. Depending on your business objectives, you can use one or more targeting options to limit or expand your audience. If you are on a tight advertising budget, you can focus only on a very specific group of people using layered targeting. Similarly, lookalike audiences work well for those wanting to expand their existing base.

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