Why Your Website is Frustrating Your Customers

There are 3 types of customers that visit your website.

  1. 1. Customers who are just browsing (not looking to take any action)
  2. 2. Customers who are interested, but have questions (need to speak to someone first)
  3. 3. Customers who are READY to take action (they know exactly what they want)

The first 2 customers may need to call around, talk to someone, get more information. But the 3rd customer is ready to take action, and if they cannot book themselves an appointment, consultation or the service online, you’re leaving money on the table.

…You’re really going to hassle¬†that customer to call your business and speak to someone?

…What if the call is missed?

…What if they’re at work, or they’re busy and can’t call?

…Or simply just don’t want to speak to someone, especially because they already know what they want. You risk them booking online with your competitor!

…And your existing customers? Give them the gift of not wasting their time, by having them book future appointments/consultations/service online on your website and also make sure to incorporate tools to help you read your customer’s feedback and concerns faster, this way you can take note and improve in every field you’re failing, click here to investigate more.¬†

Your website doesn’t have the ability to taking online bookings? Well…….

Step 1: Let Your Customers Choose A Service, Date/Time


Step 2: You Approve/Decline or Request Another Date/Time (OPTIONAL)

email with boarder2

Step 3: Customer Receives Reminder About The Appointment Beforehand

Step 3 blue

Step 4: Manage All Your Online Bookings in One Place


>Your business wastes less time on the phone

>You save your type #3 customers a lot of hassle (or save them from going to a competitor)


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