ClientFlo Joins Clutch!

As consumer trends evolve and the marketing industry diversifies, ClientFlo strives continuously to offer our customers a menu of services that meet the challenges of their specific business contexts. With Google always seeking to improve its algorithm, and the consumer re-thinking her position towards brands and various media platforms, shrewd marketing partners are a must. However, the path for finding the right marketing provider can be arduous. With such palpable potential, the industry attracts many new companies and continues to grow, making it all the more difficult to identify an agency that is capable of delivering on their promises. That said, in our effort to show prospective buyers, whether they be small businesses or a national brand, that our commitment to transparency and results is genuine, we have partnered with Clutch, a ratings and reviews site and market research firm based in Washington, D.C.

clutchAs part of their process, a company creates a profile on that they can curate, and add specific information relevant to a buyer. ClientFlo’s profile includes a brief summary of our business, information about the clients we service, specific service offerings, and a minimum project size. Clutch also organizes the crowded marketplace via a Leaders Matrix, a visual summary of the companies that excel across their directory, and therefore ‘lead’ a specific segment. ClientFlo, among other PPC companies, have been evaluated on the quality of previous work, the caliber of clients, as well as market presence.

Thus, instead of searching google, and hoping that the first few results will be adequate, Clutch guides the buyer in their search by evaluating and ranking companies based on a transparent set of criteria. Another essential aspect of their process, and one the buyer is likely to find most helpful, are the client reviews published to each profile. A client is directly interviewed by an analyst, and encouraged to speak honestly about their work with a company. The final insights include details about project management and cost, as well as impact of the work on the client’s business. Unlike a short testimonial, the comprehensive reviews provide a buyer with a real window into what they can expect from working with a particular agency. In this light, ClientFlo is grateful to have this opportunity to highlight our strengths and also to develop a better understanding of areas we can improve.

In our collaboration with a plumbing company that sought to increase their organic leads, ClientFlo delivered a PPC strategy, and also updated their website, adding unique graphics and content. Aside from being excited by the results — his calls increased from 50 to 300-400 unique calls/month—the owner was impressed by the level of service all around. Specifically, he noted:

“They take care of you, and their service is great. They are happy to know that I am succeeding…People are recognizing me, and that is important.”

While PPC is primarily a data driven service, ClientFlo doesn’t lose side of the fact that a successful outcome can only be as good as the level of communication and interpersonal skills that guide the partnership. In this way, having a presence on Clutch allows us to highlight not only our services and level of impact, but also this important, though somewhat less obvious aspect of our business. To learn more about the values that we uphold and have the potential to lead your business to success, visit

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