Q&A with James Cowan – Owner of Hillcowan Legal

Meet James Hill, owner and operator of Hillcowan Legal, a paralegal company located in Brampton, Ontario.

James started his Paralegal practice in fall of 2015, after making a switch from world of IT and SaaS sales. After opening his practice he knew he had to generate leads, and the best way to do that would be online. 

At the time, working with Adwords, seemed too expensive. but the other options such as online directories seemed to be the most fitting option. At the start of 2016, he decided he still needed to be online, but maybe he just needed to try something else. We sat down with James in December to catch up, and reflect on what one year of marketing was like with us.


What types of Marketing did you Use before working with ClientFlo?

Before working with ClientFlo, we worked with a lot of directories from Yellowpages to 411. Directories were useless! The return wasn’t there because the cost was so high, and it just did not produce the right results.

Specifically, with the sponsored portion of the Yellowpages the return got us a lot of calls but not the right type of calls. We found that many of the calls coming in were of customers asking about price, and nothing else.

Working with ClientFlo, there is a huge difference in the type of leads we receive. Every now and then you will get the odd person asking about price. However, 80% of the calls are viable prospects looking for details in their solutions. They call because they see our ads everywhere online, and the quality of those type of clients are not just looking for the best price, but for quality service.

What are the greatest challenges you face in your business?

There are so many paralegals fighting for clients in every local market from local print advertising, online on directories and Google.

Everyone, always tells us “hey I got your phone number from….” But you can never really tell if they are telling the truth. With ClientFlo, each call is tracked, and monitored. I am actually able to login and see how many calls are coming through, and every time I pick up the phone, and a call comes from your company I hear a chime that says “call coming from clientflo”

Allowing us to track where our calls are coming form, allows us to double down on our strengths in advertising, and cut corners where it doesn’t so we can compete with the ever increasing amount of competitors.

What has been the biggest difference in lead generation, working with ClientFlo?

Prior to working with you guys, I would be trying so many different advertising methods, without knowing what was working. The only way I knew something was working; was if my phone rang.

Before, it would take 1 out of 10 people to call, and they would ask for a free consultation or the cheapest price. Today, working with you, it takes us a minimum of 3 calls to get a consultation. Business has been great that we can’t just offer a full consultation we have to ask clients for a 30 minute window to see if it’s a case that’s right for our business and their case.

What is Your Favourite Thing About ClientFlo?

Working with ClientFlo is very easy. It’s a company that promises only what it can deliver. I was turned off by any type of online marketing because I thought if Yellowpages and 411 can’t do it then how could anyone else? It seemed like a business where everyone was trying to sell everyone. But With ClientFlo there is a personal touch and always a dedicated person to work with, who are there when you need them and get the results.

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