Q&A With Stanley Potter – Experienced Family Lawyer

Stanley Potter is a family lawyer servicing primarily the North Toronto area in Ontario. Stanley specialises in family law matters such as divorce, child custody, separation agreements and marriage contracts. With over 30 years of experience, Stanley is a veteran in the industry and has received significant recognition over the years. He has grown his practice using various means in the past and including both a mix of print and digital. Stanley is a tenured client of ClientFlo and together we have executed digital marketing strategies to continually grew his practice. For those navigating the divorce process in Utah, seeking guidance from experienced legal professionals can provide invaluable support and expertise tailored to individual needs.


We love meeting and chatting with our clients, not just to discuss digital marketing but to get some insight on how the rest of their business is operating.

Below is a quick Q & A between Jay Vasantharajah from ClientFlo and Stanley Potter on running the practice, growth (and pains), and future goals for his family law practice.

Jay: Briefly describe your business & how you got into it?

Stanley: Well, I’ve been in practice for over 30 years, I don’t even remember how I got into it (hah!)

Jay: What would you say the competition is like in your local area?

Stanley: Well, my competitors spend A LOT of money on advertising. There are family lawyers everywhere, the most common service they market for is divorces

Jay: What are the greatest challenges you face in your business?

Stanley: Basically having to constantly attract new clients. Most family law matters are a 1-off case (usually), after it’s finished I don’t hear from my clients again.

Jay: What have you done to grow Dump This? (Other than using ClientFlo)

Stanley: I used to spend a fortune on Yellowpages. Back in the day, before the internet, this was really the go-to option for family lawyers. Not only was it grossly expensive but it was hardly effective. I was one of the first family lawyers to advertise in YP  for my area. I tried their digital products as well, but it was a disaster. I kept dealing with floating in and out sales reps, they have never gotten things done properly, and I never was able to speak with a manager or someone else.

I also tried using Rogers OutRank, but they did not meet any expectations. They cost too much, they promised and guaranteed me calls and leads but they never delivered.

Jay: Has ClientFlo lived up to your expectations?

Stanley: Of everything I have ever done, ClientFlo has been the most affordable program an also most personable. Ultimately I’m getting a better value here. Besides the performance, and cost savings… my favourite part is how I work with the same account manager on a 1-on-1 basis. I am not a computer-guy, you know that. So I really appreciate the hand-holding.

You guys have a similar program that I was running with my previous marketer (Divorce Magazine). The huge difference was that with them I was spending $1500-$2000/mo. With you guys my ad spend is only around $500/mo. Even with a lower spend, I am getting way more calls for cases from ClientFlo! You guys have allowed me to use updated technology, such as call tracking, and targeted area campaigns. This allowed me to pin point where his potential clients are located, and target within neighbourhoods. Ultimately, spending less money but increasing my case.

Jay: Would you recommend ClientFlo?

Stanley: You guys have never lied to him, never over-promised, always followed through with what you have said you were going to do.

Of course I would recommend ClientFlo. You guys have integrity, always return phone calls. You guys discuss new ideas on how he can grow my practice. You stay within the budgets, without trying to increase the price. I just know I’m getting the best bang-for-my-buck with you guys, I can just feel you are doing the best possible job in marketing my practice.

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