ClientFlo Presents At Google Canada’s Office

ClientFlo hosted our first event at Google Canada’s HQ on Tuesday May 26th, 2015. We welcomed business owners and representatives from across Ontario to the Google Canada Office in downtown Toronto. We started off the day pairing a breakfast buffet with a formal networking session, while settling ourselves in for a couple of dynamic presentations.

To kick things off, Andrew from the Google Marketing team started things off with Google’s presentation piece. Andrew, a humorous but informative speaker, discussed new data trends and insights in the global digital marketing space. He provided some eye popping statistics and free digital marketing tactics that aid in reducing low quality traffic to the small business’ websites. He emphasized the long hours needed to manage an effective digital marketing campaign, a task usually outsourced to digital marketing companies.

Next up, ClientFlo’s co-founder Rajiv Aeri and National Account Manager Bobby Dhillon manned the podium. Rajiv began with a brief background of ClientFlo and explained why the company was formed. Did you know that the co-founders of ClientFlo provided marketing activities for the small businesses that their parents owned? With many years of digital marketing experience, they had decided to apply their vast knowledge and experiences in various industries to help market other small businesses. Bobby followed up by discussing ClientFlo’s ROI-driven platform. He then the importance of using available data to your advantage and keeping a close eye on online conversions.

To wrap up the day, ClientFlo & Google team members were available for any further one-on-one discussions. The lucky business owners and representatives were offered free fruit infuser water bottles on their way out.

The ClientFlo team had a great time and want to thank everyone who came to join us!

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