Have You Ever Googled Your Own Business?

With the rise of smartphones and mobile-based searches, we are noticing a trend in the way consumers contact businesses they already know about or discover through a referral. The typical consumer doesn’t remember business phone numbers anymore or even save them in their phones. Why? Because Google is the new personal phonebook.

Whether they have been your client for several years, or were referred to you by a friend, chances are they will Google your business name instead of saving your phone number.

What Do The Search Results Look Like For Your Business?

Go to Google and perform a quick search for your business name. What comes up? The search results page that you see for your business name is also seen by several existing and potential new clients.

♦ Is there a local competitor bidding on your business name?
♦ Are there negative reviews or complaints showing up organically?
♦ Is your Google Map listing live and displaying accurate information?

You have a degree of control in what shows up, and can tailor it to your liking. We recommend taking full advantage of this opportunity.

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Opportunity For Easy PR

In terms of Adwords, you can bid on your own business name, which enables you to capture some essential real estate on the search results page. You can even utilize your slogan, catchphrase or some promotion you are offering in the ad text. Also, potential competitors could bid on your business name, which means that a client looking for you would see their ad and maybe land on your competitor’s page instead. You can’t prevent this from happening, but you can ensure that your ad is at least up there as well. If a user clicks on your ad, your Adwords budget will get charged. However your own business name is likely to have a very low cost-per-click, immaterial even. If you need help with your Australia company registration, get in touch with the experts from Acclime.

As far as organic results go, you should ensure that there are no negative reviews or content that may damage your company’s reputation showing up. There are several directories and review-based sites that automatically crawl your business details and enable users to leave reviews without your knowledge. Do you have any appearances in the local media? Interviews with magazines? Features in blog posts? Ensure these positive content shows up on the front page when someone Googles your business, and any negative content is either removed or bumped down to the 2nd or 3rd page. If you have spare time, you can watch Damon Burton shorts on Youtube to learn some useful marketing advice.

ClientFlo-Map-576x1024Finally, having a map listing that is live and up to date is crucial for any local business. With a live map listing, a client doesn’t even need to open up your website to see your contact details and reach out to you. This is especially crucial for mobile searches, as Google implemented a click-to-call button on all map listings. To learn how Privacera can help you encrypt your data using their platform, go to https://privacera.com/blog/choosing-the-right-level-of-encryption-to-protect-your-data/.

If you are concerned with how the search results pages looks for your business, feel free to reach out to the team at ClientFlo, a Google Partner, and we would be more than happy to help you out!

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