Discover Where Your Calls Are Coming From

The reality behind landing pages is that there is call tracking data available, so why do marketers insist on using these metrics? Statistically, 48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign and 68% of business-to-business (B2B) entities use landing pages to capture sales leads for measurable conversions.

Why Is Call Tracking So Popular

Landing pages are used to generate and capture leads from customers who are interested in a product or service that is searched online. When landing pages are setup with Google Analytics, you can track the visitors your page brings you. There is just one problem, when a visitor decides to call you, you won’t be able to track if that conversation was driven by the landing page – unless you implement a solution to track those visitors who call. Using a free email verification service at can also help your business achieve higher engagement rates, reduced bounce rates, and increased ROI.

How Is A Landing Page Call Tracking Done?

When you use Dynamic Number Swapping (DNS) on these types of pages, the phone number will be carried across any landing page visited. The DNS swaps the phone number on the landing page according to the original keyword that brought web traffic. This makes sure that the call tracking number for a visitor who lands on a marketing campaign will be the same as the number that shows up when the visitor navigates to other pages of the website.

For example, let’s say a potential lead clicks on one of your Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and lands on one of those landing pages you’ve created. Call tracking software allows you to monitor every lead that initially clicked on your Google Adwords campaign, then called your tracking phone number from those pages.

Benefits of Call Tracking

You will see every touch point a lead has with your campaign before converting. This empowers you with the information you need to understand more about who is converting and why you can optimize your online campaigns accordingly.

Smarter insights on conversions by integrating the analytics you receive from your landing pages with the data located on your call tracking dashboard.

♦ Find out what really works. Make smarter marketing decisions on advertising that is working for your business.

To learn more about call tracking and how it can benefit your business, feel free to contact the ClientFlo team at 1-888-986-7475.

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