The Truth About Adwords Express That Google Doesn’t Want You To Know

Have you ever heard of Google’s program called Adwords Express? If you’re a small business owner, chances are you have either heard of it, tried it in the past or are currently using it.

Well my company ClientFlo is a Google Partner, and I will be the first one to tell you: NEVER USE ADWORDS EXPRESS (sorry Larry!).

To better understand why, I will illustrate an to how one of our clients Infinite Water Solutions went from spending $8000 per month, losing money…to just $1000/mo, making a 10X ROI and expanding to 2 more locations. All this by simply understanding this hidden truth about Adwords Express.


In the Q & A with Kalen, we learned that before partnering with ClientFlo, Kalen was running an Adwords Express campaign and managing it himself. Kalen held previous jobs where he had a bit of experience managing online marketing campaigns, so he was not completely new at this.  Kalen was spending around $8000/mo on Adwords Express to generate leads for Infinite Water Solutions. His was generating a few leads here or there, but bottom line was he was losing money on his advertising.

Without going into any technical details about his Adwords Express campaign, there is a 1 very simple reason why Adwords Express will almost always lose you money.

A bit of background about Adwords Express

Adwords Express was created by Google as a result of small business owners complaining that regular Adwords was too complicated and too time consuming. So Adwords Express is a dumbed-down version of Adwords Express in which campaigns are auto-created, settings are auto-set and optimization is automated by Google.

It’s easy to use and understand, user-friendly interface and automated…so what’s the problem??

Here is the problem: Adwords Express takes control AWAY from the advertiser and gives it TO Google.

Google gets paid every time someone clicks on your ad, so where do you think their incentive lies? They don’t care whether that click turns into a phone call, an email inquiry or any action whatsoever. Adwords Express is inherently designed to get you AS MANY CLICKS AS POSSIBLE! This will certainly lead to a higher ad spend with ambiguous results for you as a small business owner.

We’re on YOUR side, the small business owner, not Google’s.

Although we are Google Partners, in reality we’re partnered with our clients. Google is simply a platform we use to generate our clients results. After we canned Kalen’s Adwords Express campaign, we constructed a comprehensive, regular Adwords campaign for Infinite Water Solutions.

The results we’re staggering.

Kalen’s Google ad spend went from $8000/mo down to around just $1000/mo. In the Q & A, Kalen had mentioned that almost immediately he realized a 10x ROI with his new campaign with ClientFlo. In just a few short months of working with us, Kalen is already looking to expand to 2 more offices in Regina and Prince Albert.

“In reality, every type of business should work with ClientFlo. I haven’t done my full calculations of ROI but it’s at least 10X on what I was doing before. I was losing money before using Google AdWords Express. For what you guys charge and for what I get, for getting a landing page, content, the Adwords management to create a perfect campaign, with trial and error plus the expertise of someone to go in and manage it that’s nothing…. Its worth it.”

-Kalen Mazenc, Infinite Water Solutions

If you currently run an Adwords Express campaign, or experienced negative results with it in the past, on behalf of digital marketing community, I want to apologize for your loss. But more importantly, I’d like have a strategy session with you so we can get into deeper details about how a regular Adwords campaign can do WONDERS for your small business.

Click the button below and let me know when you’re free to chat. I’m fairly booked up these days but if you have any sort of experience with Adwords Express, I would love to hear it.

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Jay Vasantharajah

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