How To Burn $3,000 On Marketing In 30 Days: Part IV – Online Real Estate

Make Your Advertising Dollars Count

This is the final post of a 4 part series on executing an effective on-line advertising campaign. Our intention is to educate business owners on how to avoid common mistakes when advertising on-line and how to make the most of your advertising budget.

If you didn’t get a chance to read Part Three, you can always find it here.

Dominate The Front Page Of Google

A key way to dominate the front page is exposure. Take up AS MUCH SPACE on the front page as possible. Through using ad extensions you can effectively educate potential clients and give them a reason to click through to your site. Not only will adding ad extensions increase your online exposure, it will also allow you to present selling features that will convince users to visit your site. The beautiful thing about ad extensions is that there is no additional cost. The standard cost per click charge applies if a user interacts with your ad extension instead of your ad directly.

Below are the most effective ad extensions for local service businesses. I recommend that you include each and every ad extension mentioned below to create an effective online marketing campaign.

1. Sitelinks ad extensions – This is where you can add specific landing pages below your ad with direct links to the services you offer faster. This allows them to jump to the page that is most closely related to what they are looking for or just learn more about your business.

2. Location extensions – By putting a location ad extension you allow clients to see right away where you are located. Even if you travel to your client’s location we would recommend putting a location ad extension because people generally like to work with service professionals within close proximity to them.



3. Call Extensions – Including more contact information allows your potential customer to find you faster. This way clients can easily call you to inquire if you offer the services they are looking for. For example take the example below, the user may be looking for teeth whitening, general cleaning, or dental implants. A call extension reduces the complexities for the users and will result in more calls for your business and more clients.

4) Callout Extensions
– This is a new feature from Google and it is great opportunity to capture more real estate. They limit you to 25 characters (spaces included) and you can use this to add your selling features. For example, “24/7 Emergency Service”, “Fully Licensed & Bonded”, “Free Estimates” etc.


At the end of the day your goal as a business owner is to generate more potential clients inquiring about your services. And if you are using search engine marketing to do this we highly recommended ad extensions because, as shown above, it gives you an great opportunity to communicate your strengths before anyone even clicks on your ad!

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