Established Airport Limo Service Doubles Their Monthly Bookings

Bala has been running his airport limo service, Newmarket Taxi & Limo, for over a decade, providing residents of York Region with safe and reliable transportation to and from the airport. A firm believer in advertising, Bala has tried various methods including the yellow book, various newspaper ads and online marketing. In terms of online marketing, Bala has always used larger companies to handle his campaigns.

Feeling like he hit a dead end with the growth of his business, he was getting tired with the cookie-cutter marketing solutions provided by the companies he was working with. He decided to give a smaller, boutique company a shot and partnered with ClientFlo in early 2014.

After the initial consultation, the team at ClientFlo learned that Bala’s chief complaints with the companies he was working with were:

♦ Received calls from outside of his service radius, it simply wasn’t profitable to go out to some towns/cities for service
♦ A lot of calls for “in-town” taxi service, which his company does but just isn’t profitable and did not want to spend advertising dollars here
♦ Calls for services he simply did not offer, such as stretch limousine services and wedding services.

After this discussion, ClientFlo understood his business thoroughly and learned that his airport shuttle service was his most profitable offering.

The Goal Was Simple: Increase The Amount Of Airport Bookings.

Geo Targeting

The tricky part with geo-targeting for an airport transportation business is that, Bala’s potential clients could be located in 2 completely different locations; their home or at the airport. ClientFlo couldn’t just define a broad radius around his office, as he mentioned that with his previous marketing companies, he would get calls from towns/cities he did not service. So the solution was to create 2 geo-targeted radius, 1 that was around Newmarket (his main town of service), and 1 that was tightly around the Pearson International Airport. By doing this, Bala’s ads would show not only in his home town, but also to clients at the airport who were looking for a ride to their home in Newmarket.

Match Specific Bidding

Someone searching “limo Newmarket” may be looking for a ride to the airport, so it is key to include a keyword like this. However, someone searching “airport limo Newmarket” is DEFINITELY looking for a ride to the airport. For this reason it makes sense to bid 15-20% more on a keyword like this. ClientFlo’s proprietary bidding system analyzed each keyword in Bala’s campaign, ClientFlo determined which keywords were the “money-makers”, adjusted bids accordingly and concentrated his budget on these keywords.

Negative Keywords

Bala had mentioned that he was getting calls for stretch limousine services as well as wedding services. Since he does not offer these types of services, ClientFlo had to ensure that there were absolutely no clicks that were wasted on services he doesn’t offer. A sure-proof way to achieve this is by adding any keyword related to “wedding” or “stretch limousine” to the negative keyword list. By doing this, ClientFlo ensures that Bala’s ads do not come up when some one searches something related to “weddings” or “stretch limousines”.

The Results

By concentrating Bala’s entire advertising budget purely on airport transportation services, he was able to increase his bookings month over month and eventually DOUBLE his monthly bookings. In January 2014, Bala had 251 airport bookings and in July 2015 he had his best month yet with 531 bookings. The results were staggering, the influx of bookings meant that Bala had to put a couple more airport limos on the road and hire a couple more drivers.

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