How To Burn $3,000 On Marketing In 30 Days: Part 1 – Targeting

Make Your Advertising Dollars Count

We speak with business owners on a daily basis and have come across many misconceptions that result in owners burning through their marketing budget. This 4-part series is intended to educate business owners so they can avoid common mistakes made.

If you are not careful your investment in online advertising can result in a very minimal return. BUT, if done correctly can result in a major advantage over your competitors.

Paid search dominates online advertising and is a rapidly changing environment. In 2014 advertisers spent $5.93 billion on paid search ads in Canada.

The First Way To Burn $3,000: Marketing To The Wrong Audience

Through implementing the following you can ensure a solid foundation and good starting point when choosing to advertise online.

Through paid advertising you can determine who sees your advertisement, when, and where. Most people that start off advertising understand the basic concept of biding on a keyword. They have also heard there is a cost associated with each click (CPC= cost per click). But if people that are not looking for your services click on your link, it is a complete waste of money.

1. Location, location, location

Do you service clients in a 5km, 15km, or 50km radius? Whichever one it is, make sure you don’t waste marketing dollars advertising to an unqualified person. Use the radius targeting to pick who will see your ad.

2. Time, time, time

Hours of operation 9-5, 10-6, or 6am-9pm? Either way you should use the ad scheduler to ensure that calls don’t come in when no one is there to pick up the phone. That is simply a waste of a click and the loss of a potential lead.


Implementing both location targeting and ad scheduling can greatly reduce the amount of wasted clicks, and therefore increase your return your investment. Stay tuned to the ClientFlo blog for Part 2 of the series!

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