How This Toronto Paralegal, Turned Online Users Into Offline Clients

A solid Reputation For Success

DK Legal Practice is a Toronto-based paralegal firm that helps clients defend traffic ticket charges, assists in landlord and tenant matters, and represents individuals and/or companies in small claims court. Over the years, Daisy Yordanova has grown the firm through word-of-mouth and referrals. She developed a great reputation for her incredible work ethic, diligence, and client service. Despite this, she did notice that business had started to slow down. She tried different methods of advertising in the past including newspaper and magazine ads, however none proved to be effective. A close business advisor of hers suggested to try her hand in online marketing, and Daisy figured it was worth looking into.

Huge Search And Demand

After conducting a little bit of research, Daisy discovered that there was indeed a large number of people searching for paralegal services online. Delving deeper, she discovered that the keyword “paralegal Toronto” alone generates almost 400 hits a month. At a cost of only $4 per click, she immediately realized what a great opportunity this was. Turning that $4 click into a $1500 small claims court client, Daisy concluded that marketing on search engines could prove to yield a fantastic return.

Daisy searched for paralegals on Google and to her dismay, DK Legal Practice was nowhere to be found. She saw many of her competitors on the front page and realized that these firms were sweeping up all of the people in Toronto searching online, looking to hire a paralegal.

In an attempt to capture some of this online demand, Daisy opened up a Google AdWords account.

So Much To Do… So Little Time

Daisy was very overwhelmed with the hundreds of different types of keyword combinations she could use. “Small claims paralegal”, “traffic tickets defence Toronto”, “Toronto paralegal firm”, “how to evict my tenant”, the list went on and on, each keyword having a different associated cost-per-click and search volume. She didn’t know which keywords were worth bidding on and which keywords were going to waste her budget.

Daisy wanted to learn more about how search marketing worked, but unfortunately she really had no time to do so. In between dealing with existing clients, going to court, and managing the overall operations of her firm, Daisy had no time to commit to learning and mastering the art of search engine marketing.

She knew the demand and opportunity was there, but began to feel defeated. Daisy knew there had to be a better solution.

Expert Help

Daisy was looking for company that would handle every aspect of her online marketing, from A to Z, and ultimately drive quality leads to her paralegal practise. She contacted ClientFlo and scheduled an initial consultation. Daisy, being diligent and meticulous as always, really wanted full disclosure in the services provided as well as some education about how the technology worked. She was quite impressed with how ClientFlo’s dashboard provided her with the transparency she was looking for, in real-time. She understood that a successful search marketing campaign really came down to bidding on the keywords that are proven to lead to phone calls, and this was achievable through ClientFlo’s data-driven platform. After spending time with her dedicated account manager to convey in-depth knowledge about her practise, her target markets and her target demographic, a tailored campaign was built and launched.


in just a few short months after partnering with ClientFlo, DK Legal Practice experienced fantastic results. DK Legal Practice went from being nowhere to be found to completely dominated the front page. New clients we’re finding her on all 3 sections of search engines; maps, organic and paid listings. As a result, her call volume went through the roof, and the amount of leads driven to her firm really shocked Daisy.

From day one, Daisy could track, measure and quantify her results in real time with ClientFlo’s lead tracking platform. At any point in her campaign, she could quickly calculate her return on investment on her marketing dollars. The user-friendly interface really allowed Daisy to quickly and efficiently see how her online marketing campaign was performing and which keywords were driving leads to her practise.

Looking ahead, now that Daisy is versed with online marketing and knows that it works well for her practise, she is excited to co-ordinate with her dedicated account manager to launch new ideas and campaigns.

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