This Simple “Location Hack” Led To 1400% Annual Growth For Dump This!

In a recent Q&A we had with Jeff Mulrooney, owner of Dump This, A bin rental and disposal service in Ontario, the ClientFlo team had discovered the following:

  • ClientFlo’s lead generation program accounts for over 75% of his business
  • For the past year he has been experiencing a 25% increase month over month (1400% annualized) in terms of revenues
  • Prior to this he had wasted a lot of time/money with marketing initiatives that led to no results

So what was the secret to his successful campaign?

I’m gonna illustrate to you how we used something called “Dynamic Geo-Targeting” for Dump This to SIGNIFICANTLY increase his conversions and phone call inquiries. Let’s start off with the problem he was having first.


Jeff’s business is located out of a small town called Caledon, ON. Although he is based out of that small town, there is no demand there, so he wanted to target larger areas like Milton, Brampton, Mississauga and Georgetown. The problem he has having with other marketing companies, such as Rogers Outrank and Yellowpages, was that they took 1 of 2 approaches…

  1. 1. Either they marketed Dump This as a Caledon business (on his website)
  2. 2. Or put a flurry of locations on the same page (Caledon, Brampton, Milton, etc)

The problem with these approaches was that, the customer will choose a competitor whose website says they are ACTUALLY LOCATED in the area they were searching for.

Although it may sound to good to be true, but there is actually a way to cater the content on your website to each unique visitor…regardless of where they are located.

What I mean by this is that if someone located in Brampton landed on your website, they would see “Brampton”, if they were from Milton, they would see “Milton”…and so on.

Don’t believe me?

Here is what Dump This website looks like if you were searching…

From Brampton:


From Mississauga:


From Milton:


From Georgetown:


When a potential customer sees their OWN CITY on your website, they are MUCH MORE LIKELY to call and inquire. This will increase your conversions drastically, which means you spending LESS MONEY and your digital marketing resulting in MORE CALLS.

So rather than having 1 static city, or a flurry of cities you service…you will find great success by showing each visitor their own city they are searching from! It’s as simple as that, it worked wonders for Dump This and can work wonders for your business as well.

Do you currently offer your services in multiple towns/cities?

If you are not using Dynamic Geo-targeting, you are seriously leaving money on the table!

STOP losing customers in your neighbouring cities to competitors. Let the team at ClientFlo Media setup Dynamic Geo-targetting for your website and watch your conversions skyrocket!

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Jay Vasantharajah
ClientFlo Media

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