New Business? How This HVAC Company Accelerated Their 1st Year Growth

The Challenge

In August 2013, Cory and Carmal Huppie started their own HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) services company in Edmonton, Alberta called True North Heating & Cooling. After years of perfecting the craft as a Master Journeyman, Cory was ready to venture out on his own combined with Carmal’s experience in business management.

The timing was perfect! Both Cory and Carmal understood the value of strong web presence for a locally owned small businesses, hence creating a well-designed web site and marketing campaign was their first task. When creating the website, they worked with a company from California that over promised and under delivered. Because of this experience, they were hesitant to work with another marketing company. But they connected with ClientFlo, a fully integrated online marketing company located in Toronto, and figured it was worth at least another shot.

The Solution


After taking time to really understand the demographics of their local area, their potential clients and their competition, ClientFlo created a online marketing strategy tailored for True North Heating & Cooling. Through this process, ClientFlo worked with Cory and Carmal to help them better understand the business of creating a custom and tailored marketing approach that would meet their expectations. ClientFlo also created unique and compelling content that reflected the services they offer, the brands they carry, and incorporated this information into their website.

Being a fully integrated online marketing company, ClientFlo created a web presence that is user friendly, encourages lead generation, and designed to convert leads into clients.

Considering the fact that over 71% of users search from a mobile device, ClientFlo created a responsive site that matched the branding of the main website to a clean and sleek design.

The Results

After partnering with ClientFlo, they saw a drastic increase in their inbound leads. They average 30 inbound calls and 8 emails a month. With paid advertising, ClientFlo maximized their monthly investment to increase calls through various techniques such as specifying which areas to target, what time of day clients calls, which keywords triggered the search, and much more! Understanding where the clients came from significantly helped True North Heating & Cooling digital marketing initiatives.

Overall, online marketing was the push they needed to grow their business and they are currently flourishing because of it!

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