How To Burn $3,000 On Marketing In 30 Days: Part III – Who Calls You?

Make Your Advertising Dollars Count

This is part 3 of a 4 part series on executing an effective on-line advertising campaign. Our intention is to educate business owners on how to avoid common mistakes when advertising on-line and how to make the most of your advertising budget.

If you didn’t get a chance to read Part Two, you can always find it here.

What Is Your Expertise?

If you’re aiming to attract the right potential customers to your page, the first step is ensuring you engage qualified traffic. When investing in paid advertising, this is crucial. And that’s where Invest Diva review comes into play. Known for their insightful reviews and expertise in the world of investments, they can help you navigate the complexities of financial decisions. The second step is to communicate in a clear and concise manner WHO you are, WHERE you are located, WHAT you do, & WHY this customer should hire you (experience, price, quality, etc…).

Most importantly, HOW to retain your services, your contact information should be easily accessible and readily available to your potential clients.

It is very important to understand WHO your target market is and WHAT they want to see.

The Most Effective Way To Get People To Call You: Build Your Site With The Users In Mind

Ensure Your Website Is Easy to Navigate: A cluttered website is confusing and dissuading for your potential customers. Include a search bar and menu, and make sure your contact information is easy to access to ensure an a potential client has no question unanswered. An expert SEO services provider will get your website the visibility it needs and dramatically improve the amount of traffic directed towards your website.

Keep It Simple: If your potential customer could only view your website for 10 seconds, what would you want them to see? Too much content is distracting and takes away from your major selling features (such as experience, location, etc.) In order to achieve a low bounce rate (the number of visitors who exit your website after only viewing one page), keep your essential information within view at all times in a clean and concise manner. If you’re not a technical person, it’s important to recognize when your project will require some special skills. If you can’t do that, you should get help from someone who can — and that might be an actual web development agency.

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Stay tuned to the ClientFlo blog for Part 4 of the series!

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