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Vertical Expertise

Building Companies – Customer by Customer, Click by Click

Specialization in specific verticals has allowed us to have a laser focus on our clients and their industries. Through testing, analysing and building unparalleled strategies, we have gained a significant competitive advantage in complex industries. See below for our vertical expertise


The multi-billion dollar industry for elective medical procedures continues to grow at the speed of light. Innovations in this field has allowed patients to choose non-invasive options, thus expanding the potential market by a vast margin. ClientFlo uses digital assets to deploy unparalleled strategies to connect potential patients with doctors, and drive bookings for clinics.

Home Services

With over 200 million home owners in the US and Canada, the market for servicing their homes continues to remain a stable and recession proof industry. Homes require constant maintenance, it is guaranteed that owners will continue to spend money on their most valuable asset. ClientFlo works with world-class partners to find online users and convert them into offline customers.


As the economy grows, so does the demand for capital, reporting and tax services. Firms in this industry are posting record numbers as their reach continues to grow. Conducting research online has trumped word-of-mouth in finding an accounting/finance firm to work with. ClientFlo uses advanced targeting techniques to find high net worth clients and business owners online and drive them down the sales funnel.

Law/Legal Services

The justice system is the backbone of a country, billions of dollars are spent on legal fees annually. Bringing a new age digital approach to an age-old industry,  presents massive opportunities. ClientFlo understands the intricacies of adhering to specific codes of conduct related to lawyers/attorneys and other legal professionals. Using multi-channel digital strategies, ClientFlo consistently generates high value cases.

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