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What is the difference between ClientFlo and Another Agency?

As a Google Partner, ClientFlo has built a large client base across various industries, as well as a team of trained and experienced certified Google AdWords experts. We’ve grown our client base because customers seek experts that have industry knowledge to help them overcome the challenging aspects of AdWords. Customers trust us to bring them results, to help them grow their business.

How much goes to you and how much goes to Google?

Each of our PPC Management packages have a monthly management fee and monthly ad spend range associated with them.

Our PPC packages allow our clients to be charged directly by the search engine for their ad spend while ClientFlo collects the management fee at the beginning of each monthly cycle. Both amounts are reported to you through emailed reports as well as in our Client Dashboard.

How Does The $200 Ad Credit Work?

We provide you with a $200 ad credit towards your new AdWords campaign. Completely for free, we will simply pay the bill while you sit back, and see the leads that come in.

How Will I Be Billed?

We believe in transparency, which means we want you to know exactly how much is being on your advertising. ClientFlo attach your credit card to your AdWords account. That way you can see down to the very penny, how much you have spent month over month. For detailed packages click

Every week you will receive a ClientFlo report summarizing your important KPI’s (key performance indicators) including your spend! To view a how the reports will look click

How Much Would You Recommend Setting As An Initial Budget?

We will work with you to determine this budget based on your ability to handle leads, the demand in your area, and what the average competition is paying to market online. To better understand how budgets are set, watch this quick video

Can I Change My Budget Later?

Of course! You can always change your budget at any time, just speak to a representative by calling 1-888-986-7575.

Are There Any Setup Fees?

There are no setup fees, hidden charges. Should you choose to cancel, all you need to do is give us at least 48 hours notice, prior to your bill date.

I Can Manage Adwords Myself, Why Should I Hire ClientFlo?

You can do many things yourself; accounting, legal matters, coding/programming. There is a reason you outsource to experts…because they are experts and you can expect the maximum level of performance. When you work with ClientFlo, you never have to worry about your online presence again, spending too much money online and wondering if you could improve your results. You can leave that to us and you can focus on what you do best, which is running your business. As well, we have a MASSIVE database of data from virtually every industry on what works (in terms of keywords, ad copies, etc.) and we will leverage this data on your campaign.